Saturday, November 1, 2008

My first Halloween

So I'm carrying Bella down a street filled with little people in costumes, making sure Drayven tells everyone thank you, thinking how cute she is in her little pink Cheetah outfit, when I realize, this is MY first trick-or-treat experience! For religious reasons, my family never celebrated Halloween. Jeremy asked me last night, as he has before, do you feel deprived? The answer is going to have to be no. What I don't know, or have never experienced, I can't miss, right? Is Halloween wrong? Hmmmm, my official opinion is, everything is what YOU make out of it. If you celebrate and worship the Devil at this time of year, yes. If you dress your children in cute little costumes and parade them around to your neighbors and friends, no. For now, I am enjoying the innocence of childhood and just letting the kids have fun.

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Annie said...

Super Cute Pictures!!! :) Gotta love that girl.