Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Bellaween!

See my two little toofers? I think I can eat steak now that I have them. I try putting everything I see in my mouth, but my Mom keeps taking stuff away from me.Check out my long lashes! I have my Daddy's pretty eyes. Every time he walks in the room I just start smiling because he always tickles me, or makes funny noises for me. I think he's hilarious.

This is mommy's piano. As soon as we get a house Mommy and I will get to play it more. I can't wait!

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Annie said...

I love that sweet Bella girl. Great photos. :) And quit taking things out of that baby's mouth. No wonder she isn't bigger, you don't let her eat good food. Socks and diaper wipes are an important part of a balanced diet. :P