Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bella's family

I know there are more pictures of people holding Bella. I don't have them on my computer. So send them to me, and I'll post them!

Proud big brother, DrayvenDaddy's little girl

Can you tell I'm the photographer of the family? This is the only picture I have of the two of us!Papaw Mike is so good with grandchildren! He can always get her to burp even when she doesn't want to. :) Bella's first trip to Kentucky. Grandpa Kevin says he won't let her be a rotten princess, so I'm sure she'll be right in the middle of these boys tussle matches.Grandma Pam and Aunt Melissa just want to kiss and squeeze her all day long. Being the only girl so far, they want to buy all the cute clothes they see for her!This is Papa John. It always makes me think of pizza when I say this, so we might just call him Papa. She'll be spoiled by him...Mimi's in love. I know when Bella gets bigger, Mimi's house will be a favorite vacation spot.Aunt Lizzy spent three of her vacation days waiting for Bella. She was so happy to see her arive. I'm sure they'll be shopping buddies down the road.I've been told Great Grandpa Nyikos used to hold me like this. I think he was having flashbacks as he held Bella for the first time.Great Grandpa Graff just kept saying how beautiful she is. He asked me to take a picture of the two of them.A four generation picture on Mother's Day 2008. "Her children shall rise up and call her Blessed" comes to mind every time I think of my Nana.Aunt Abi has three beautiful children, but no girls. :) Her boys' long, gorgeous eyelashes are the envy of all of us. I think you should try for one HAS to be a girl this time. :)Cousin Melissa knows how to hold a baby. Bella's just crying because she just pooped EVERYWHERE and ruined her new little outfit. :(
Lydia and Bella are third or fourth cousins, I'm not sure. They're only two days apart, so we hope they are more like sisters than anything.

This is cousin Jackson, he's not too sure what to do with someone smaller than him.

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Jessi said...

Sara, she is so cute :)and growing so fast love ya